Bev + Monique

Bev & Monique are, as you will see, two of the funnest people I've had the pleasure of taking pictures for.

The afternoon started normally, sure. I met Bev & Mon at Fagan Park in Sydney's northwest. The park held a special spot in Mon's heart as it was where she used to come and fly kites as a child. Lucky for us, the wind was strong this day.. mostly..

After exploring a little bit and having a good chat, Monique, channeling her inner child, asked "when can we have shenanigans?!". Now, I should explain that shenanigans is my favourite thing. Not just the act, but the word. I love everything about shenanigans.

So I encouraged them, "show me what you've got!". Within seconds, Bev had lined up Monique for a dirty dancing'esque leap into what can only be described as the most finessed fall to earth I can remember. Not to be outdone (and once Bev had made his way back up to standing), Monique leapt on his back and, well, rode him around.

As we were in Monique's childhood park, it was only fitting that they broke out the kite and enjoyed the gorgeous windy afternoon. Sadly, however, as soon as the kite was put together, the skies went as still as they'd been all afternoon. No kite for you, exclaimed mother nature. Perseverance eventually paid off for a few glorious moments, and the two managed to get their kite hurtling towards the clouds.. and then the earth. 

Fagan didn't leave us on a down note though, as we had the most beautiful sunset greeting us as we headed for the exits. 

Kites, shenanigans, and two of the craziest kids in town.. Thanks for letting me share a moment of your love story, B&M.