2015 Highlights - Jenny Sun Photography

In 2013, I decided to move back to Australia after 15 years living in the United States. Almost immediately, my mother started going on and on and on about this photographer, Jenny Sun. My mother used to volunteer at the Salvation Army and one of her co-volunteers was Vincy, studio manager for Jenny. To say my mum is Jenny's biggest fan would be an understatement. Actually, she's Jenny AND Vincy's biggest fans! So each time we spoke on the phone, there was always some mention of how great it would be if I could work with Jenny when I got here. My mother is quite the architect!

Several months after arriving in Australia, I did indeed get the chance to start shooting with Jenny. If you know Jenny, you know that she is probably one of the premier photographers in Australia, so it was a huge honour for me to work alongside her. What I didn't anticipate, however, was how amazing of a person Jenny is. She has a was about her that so many people are drawn to, and her photography work is second to none. 

I've had the pleasure over the past couple of years of not only shooting some amazing weddings with Jenny, but also building a wonderful friendship. 

This is a collection of my favourite shots while working with Jenny in 2015.

Want to see more of Jenny's work? Check out www.jennysunphotography.com